Lot Title Artist Winner
1 Siren Song Edward Aldrich Available
2 Suspension Greg Beecham Available
3 Aquatic Acrobat – River Otter Carl Brenders Available
4 Fishing Buddies Bruce Cheever Available
5 In the Backcountry Michael Coleman Available
6 The Tempest Guy Combes Available
7 On a Hunter’s Moon Thomas Aquinas Daly Available
8 A Pair of Redthroated Divers Ewoud de Groot Available
9 San Juan Island – Blue Fox Mikel Donahue Available
10 Winter’s Refuge Robert Duncan Available
11 Wild Earth Scott Fraser Available
12 Kuuruks – The Shaman Luke Frazier Available
13 November Eve Brian Grimm Available
14 The Sentinel George Hallmark Available
15 Mountain Lion Nicola Hicks Available
16 One Sky Above, One Earth Below DG House Available
17 Light on His Feet Donna Howell-Sickles Available
18 Lonely Blues Colt R. Idol Available
19 Ascending Joe Kronenberg Available
20 The Wild Ones D. Edward Kucera Available
21 January T. Allen Lawson Available
22 Wapiti and Violet Greens Amy Lay Available
23 Charging Forward Z.S. Liang Available
24 Cooling Off Bonnie Marris Available
25 Moose Crossing Krystii Melaine Available
26 Deer 3 Gwynn Murrill Available
27 Griz and Grouse Ralph Oberg Available
28 The Prophet Dan Ostermiller Available
29 Father of the Elk – Stephen Leek Chad M. Poppleton Available
30 Looking Through You Amy Ringholz Available
31 Totems Mary Roberson Available
32 Birds of Heaven Lindsay Scott Available
33 Cautious Crossing Brett James Smith Available
34 Katmai Fish Market Jim Wilcox Available
101 Awaiting Debut Missy Acker Karen Bishop White
102 Briar Rabbit Douglas Allen Available
103 ***2023 Red Smith Artist’s Choice Winner!*** Solace William Alther Ki Daniels
104 Southern White Lee Andre Available
105 I Spy Kathryn Ashcroft Available
106 Moment of Reflection Chris Bacon Available
107 Under the Roof of Africa John Banovich Available
108 Western Romance Mike Barlow Robert M. Tiemann
109 American Dipper Larry Barth Available
110 Hideaway John Perry Baumlin Marilyn May
111 Reflection Sarah Becktel robert watson
112 Oncoming Storm Lucrezia Bieler Thomas Davis
113 The Journey Amber Downs Blazina Jason Brooks
114 Out of Sight Taryn Boals Available
115 The Bachelor Andrew Bolam Available
116 Nocturne Karen Bondarchuk jeffrey d gilbert
117 Red Repose Jeremy Bradshaw Available
118 Stronger Than I Look Claire Brewster Neeta Demeulenaere
119 The Guest Thomas Broadbent Available
120 Where the Wild Things Are Rudi Broschofsky peggy nishio
121 Pillow Talk Ray Brown Mary Boutwell
122 Gentleman Caller George Bumann Available
123 Paying Attention Dan Burgette Hanley Sayers
124 Mountain Dusk Bighorn Ken Carlson Available
125 Shaded Up G. Russell Case Available
126 Collisions | Future Imperfect Julie T. Chapman Available
127 The Treasure Chaser Dan Chen Sarah Shervin
128 Against the Wind Tim Cherry Available
128A A Regular for Breakfast Len Chmiel Available
129 Dusk Nicholas Coleman Ki Daniels
130 Acceleration Rox Corbett Available
131 Tetons Hurry Sundown Don Crouch Available
132 Enchanted Anni Crouter robert watson
133 Woodland Queen Kelly Dangerfield Scherry Johnson
134 Golden Possibilities Bregelle Whitworth Davis Jason Brooks
135 The Boys’ Club Andrew Denman Leslie Hazelwood
136 Countin’ Blessings (study) Steve Devenyns Available
137 Base Jumper (Aoudad) Mick Doellinger Available
138 Alaskan Grey Terry Donahue Available
139 Silent Steps Michael Dumas Available
140 Jailbird Helen Durant Available
141 Autumn Visitor Mark Eberhard Megan McKenna
142 Free Flowing Britt Freda Lori Roux
143 Teton Grizzly Ron Gaines Lori Roux
144 Breaking Free Nicole Gaitan Scott Fossel
145 White-Faced Owl Icon (Reprise) Peter D. Gerakaris Available
146 A Cunning Charmer Lisa Gleim Available
147 Horse Head Robert Glen Scherry Johnson
148 Red Racer Geoffrey Gorman Available
149 Buddeia davidii Penelope Gottlieb Pamela S. Niner
150 Bison Becomes Coyote – Shape Shifters Study Patricia A. Griffin Carrie Wild
151 Feral Heart Starr Hardridge Kate Jensen
152 In the Thick of Things – Cinnamon Phase, Black Bear Dwayne Harty Available
153 In the Shadows of Yellowstone J.R. Hess Cornelia Bergmann
154 Afternoon Light (Tundra Swans and Canada Geese) Matthew Hillier Available
154A Astrid Sarah Hillock Available
155 Rough Skinned Newt Tony Hochstetler Available
156 As They Are Doyle Hostetler Margaret R. Cameron
157 Life on Paws Nancy Howe Available
158 Silent Secret Julie Jeppsen Charles S. Nelson
159 Yellowstone Calving Cole Johnson Available
160 Working the Seam Ott Jones Available
161 Maine Zoe Keller Katie Alvin
162 Hopeful It Continues (Northern Parula) Justin Kellner Sharron Rudowski
163 Chick Magnet T.D. Kelsey Available
164 Reflections of Jackson Lake – Trumpeter Swan Jay Kemp Doris B. Smith
165 ***2023 ARTISTIC MERIT AWARD WINNER!** Shadow of Doubt Steve Kestrel Available
166 Elk and Bear Adonna Khare Available
167 Royalty Dan Knepper Available
168 A Favorite Spot Francois Koch Available
169 ETHAN KOLLABS Available
170 First Light Laney Doris B. Smith
171 *** 2023 People’s Choice Award for Best Painting*** Frozen for the Moment Bruce K. Lawes Jason Brooks
172 ***2023 MUSEUM PURCHASE AWARD WINNER!*** When You Cannot Stay Jhenna Quinn Lewis Available
173 What I See Connor Liljestrom Mary Weber
174 Blue Jay Rich Loffler jeffrey d gilbert
175 Circular Connections Sylvia Long Elizabeth G. Carlin
176 That’s the Spot Jerry Markham Available
177 The Fisher King Walter T. Matia Available
178 Lovin’ Spoonful Timothy David Mayhew Megan McKenna
179 FEED ‘n FLEE Chris Maynard Available
180 Encounter Robert McCauley Margaret McCarthy
181 Sargent Mark McKenna Barbara Sayre Casey
182 Full Moon, Crescent Horns Dan Metz Available
183 The Watcher Larry Moore Available
184 Huntress James Morgan Available
185 Kenai Trumpeters Sean Murtha Tina Brown
186 Úuxbishke Stella Nall Kate Jensen
187 Key to My Heart (Bluebirds) Ken Newman Available
188 Awake Peregrine O'Gormley Suzanne Case
189 Sweet as an Apple on Christmas Day Leo E. Osborne Available
190 Springtime Chickadees Joel Ostlind Sue Simpson Gallagher
191 Cheetah with Cub Dino Paravano Available
192 Look Upward Rick Pas Victor Daidone
193 Trajectory Bryce Pettit Available
194 The Ghost of 126 Emily Poole Available
195 Nestled In John Potter Harold Bockelman
196 Madison Mayhem Justin Prigmore Available
197 In the Heat of the Day (An Open Plein-air of a Jenny) Charles Timothy Prutzer Available
198 Dee III Don Rambadt Available
199 Forest Fawn Kim Randleas Robyn Jacobson
200 Mandarin Moonlight Diana Reuter-Twining Available
201 ***2023 People’s Choice Award for Best Sculpture*** Merle’s Moondance Paul Rhymer Ki Daniels
202 Turkey Feather Trio in Basswood Bill Rice Heather Gray
203 Turquoise Wax Horse, 2022 Jane Rosen Available
204 Wind and Wave Brad Rude Available
205 Fighting Bison Lennart Sand Available
206 Reservation Horses Sherry Salari Sander Available
207 Home Is Where You Find It Stefan Savides Pamela S. Niner
208 She’s Wild in Wyoming W.A. Sawczuk Elizabeth G. Carlin
209 Trail Creek Brownies Sandy Scott Available
210 Out of the Shadows Suzie Seerey-Lester Hanley Sayers
211 Bear Hug Dana K. Senge Available
212 Panhandle Pronghorn Chessney Sevier Sue Simpson Gallagher
213 Master Swimmer Kyle Sims Available
214 Fireball Kelly Singleton Cornelia Bergmann
215 Under the Cloak of Darkness Adam Smith Sharon Burman
216 Wren Drops Allison Leigh Smith Available
217 Siberian Soak Daniel Smith Ki Daniels
218 Chasing the Skyline Jen Smith Available
219 Bighorns Tucker Smith Laurent Roux
220 An Encounter in the Clouds Lee Stroncek Phillip Buhler
221 As Snowflakes Fall Renso Tamse Carrie Wild
222 Animal Painting #022-2216 (antelope) Les Thomas Available
223 Windswept Margery Torrey Available
224 Grizzly Raven Negotiation Gunnar Tryggmo Available
225 Am I Sexy Now Ezra Tucker Available
226 Migration Kathryn Mapes Turner Available
227 Prairie Storm Nate Udd Available
228 BEEP-BEEP! Kent Ullberg Virginia Halloran
229 Whispers of a Conspiracy Dustin Van Wechel Jean Morris
230 Wind River Soar September Vhay Tina Brown
231 Memo: Rover, 2012-2023 Paul Villinski Available
232 Graceful Skies Jenna von Benedikt Leslie Hazelwood
233 Whispering Woods Tyler Vouros Lindy B Sayers
234 Another Night at the Museum Travis Walker Fred Canetto
235 Field Sentry Bart Walter Available
236 Rendezvous Grizzlies Fifteen.0 Carrie Wild Carol Linton
237 Elemental Nicholas Wilson Available
238 Shadow of the Symbol Kathy KJ Wipfler Available
239 Black-Capped Gold Sarah Woods Dick Scarlett
240 We Never Needed Anymore Than This JenMarie Zeleznak Available
241 Crazy Mountain Moose Rod Zullo Available